How we work?

Our team of professionals has worked at developping innovative organic and sustainable products that improve crop yield and quality for over 30 years

A Model of Success

We belong to Green Universe Agrogroup, a strategic alliance comprised of high-tech companies specialised in different areas of agriculture applied biotechnology, such as Legume Technology and Pheromon. As a result of this alliance, we are today among the world leaders in the research and development of microorganism-based products

What differentiates us?

We lead the sector in innovation with our organic and sustainable products that increase crop production and protect the environment

360º Vision

We carry out an initial diagnosis outlining the needs and treatment of the crop, and then draw up a detailed application program and the follow-up criteria

Our Technology

The efficiency of our 3B technology has been validated by our customers by achieving an average yield increase of 20%

Exclusive Support

We have several contact channels and resources to ensure monitoring and proper use of our products (chat, interactive sheets, live notifications, etc.)

100% Orgánic

We do all of this bearing in mind our values ​​and corporate philosophy of sustainability and commitment to the environment.

Results are our foundation

Everything we do has a tangible and measurable impact on the production capacity of crops.

Citrus Fruits
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Average yield

Yield increase

Green Universe Agriculture

Our Way of Understanding Agriculture

We are a Spanish multinational that specializes on the research, production and marketing of biotechnological products to increase crop productivity and health, in more than 40 countries. We continuously seek to maintain the sustainability of our processes and products with quality standards focused on “zero waste”, products with zero toxicity and risks, for both people and the ecosystem.

Ignacio Horche, CEO

Our disruptive methodology and the quality of our products have enabled us to succesfully penetrate several market segments.” 

Ignacio Horche